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Green Sukabumi Stone. Elegant Green Stone from Indonesia !

Green Sukabumi Stone. Elegant Green Stone from Indonesia !

About Green Sukabumi

Green Stone Sukabumi, Sukabumi Green Stone, Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles, Pedra Hijau Sukabumi, Indonesia Green Stone, Batu Hijau Sukabumi. This is call name this Stone that the have Function for Swimming Pool, Tiles and wall. We have Supply Green Sukabumi Tiles to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, etc. Green Sukabumi Malaysia, Green Sukabumi Stone Singapore, Green Sukabumi Stone Australia, etc from Indonesia are shipping with Cantainer or LCL to delivery to your Location.

Green Stone Sukabumi is a natural exotic green stone that became world famous natural stone. As you can find natural stone in large luxury swimming pool in the world such as in Bali, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, the United States and other parts of the world. Green stone sukabumi play in the premium class of natural stone because they have a very unique green color and can only be found in Indonesia. This unique stone also has a natural function to purify the water in the pool as this material has a natural compound that can purify water called zeolite. Zeolite is a powder that ussually used for various applications such as water treatment and fertilizer.

This green rock material is really rare. The quarry is located only in Sukabumi, West Java. Another Indonesian natural stone which will give stunning accent to walling / cladding design. Also great for pool and aquascaping.

When it comes to making your pool look aesthetically pleasing, choose natural stone tiles, as they give your pool a sophisticated style while at the same time, achieving slip resistance. Natural stone tiles are specified by artists, interior designers, and landscape artists, to give a timeless, and very organic appearance. Bali Greatest Stone would like to introduce our new range of pool tiles, the Sukabumi Green tiles, which come in many sizes. They are longer lasting than artificial stone tiles and are resistance to corrosion. Also known as quartzite-green stone, Sukabumi green is a type of quartzite that has a distinct greenish hue.

Size and Kind of Green Sukabumi we can Produce
We have two kind of sukabumi stone. There are Smooth Finishing and Rough Face Finishing.
Sawn cut or Honed (Smooth Finishing)
Rough Face Green Sukabumi Stone (Wet Condition)

Note : If you want Custom, you can contact us because we are manufacture

We supplies Premium Sukabumi Green, these tiles have been pre-selected and have been sawn straight. Please note the standard accepted within the natural stone industry are tolerance variations of +/- 1 mm until 2 mm. If you want thickness tolerance just +/-1 mm, we can produce it to you because we are Manufacture.

Subtance of Green Stone/Pedra Hijau
Herewith some substance which is contains in green sukabumi stone according the labolatory test:
Green stone sukabumi have Zeolit Substance. The zeolit Substance is natural detoxifier, powerful to promote overall health, vitality, youthfulness and longevity.

Why choose Sukabumi Stone ?
Sukabumi Green, like other quartzite’s has many advantages:
  1. Elegant and Exotic Green Stone
  2. It is thermally stably.
  3. It does not absorb heat easily. 
  4. It is also water resistant. 
  5. It has very low absorption rate. 
  6. It is not prone to scratching. 
  7. It has high abrasion resistance. 
  8. It is notslippery to users, 
  9. Making it less susceptible to accidents.
Green Sukabumi Stone (Dry Condition)

Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles (Wet Condition)
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