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White Limestone Jogja ( Beautiful Classic White Limestone for interior and exterior )

White Limestone Jogja ( Beautiful Classic White Limestone for interior and exterior )

About White Limestone Jogja

One of the products of natural stone, which is still widely used for display walls of the house are the type of natural White Limestone Jogja, White Limestone jogja is one type of natural stone produced in the area of Central Java which is one type of natural stone to be installed or applied on the walls or tiles of the house.
Application Limestone Jogja on wall
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Limestone Tiles appear along with the rise of the communities make home design minimalist architectural design, the use of natural stone is very loved by Limestone Tiles. This addition can enhance your home, as a layer of solid house that can add to the home owner. White Limestone Indonesia is the element that most reinforces the impression of a minimalist design. Accordance with texture, natural-stone natural stone is quite hard and dense, Also suitable to be placed on the exterior and interior of the house.

White Classic Limestone Tiles is a type of Limestone Rock or acras which is a kind of soft rock, Limestone Tiles texture is not too hard as a rock type not andesite, texture and strength endurance Honed Limestone Tiles similar to the Palimanan texture.
White Limestone Jogja Flooring
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Limestone Jogja Indonesia for common wall has two kinds color or appearance, the colors are Cream Limestone Jogja and White Limestone Jogja.
Cream Limestone Wall (Source : Stbartsblue)
Honed White Limestone
For those of you who want to have a look of the house or the house wall to see brightly colored or light as well as European-style home, You may be able to apply for White Limestone Wall, both the outer wall and the inner wall of the house.
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