About Us (Green Stone Sukabumi (Pedra Hijau), Lava Stone Tile) | Factory of Green Stone Sukabumi, Pedra Hijau Verde, Batu Hijau

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About Us (Green Stone Sukabumi (Pedra Hijau), Lava Stone Tile)

About Us (Green Stone Sukabumi (Pedra Hijau), Lava Stone Tile)

About US

We are the Natural Stone Manufacturer from Indonesia, We READY TO SUPPLY NATURAL STONE From Indonesia likes Green Stone Sukabumi (Pedra Hijau), Lava Stone Tile, Andesite Stone, Limestone Supplier Indonesia, Yellow Sandstone, White Sandstone, Natural Stone Veneer.

We have serve so many customer from many countries
(Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa & USA)

We will answer as clearly as possible. Serving Small And Large Order with HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT

In below you can see Our Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia Factory :

If you would like to know more about our Indonesia Natural Stone especially Green Stone sukabumiWhite Limestone JogjaCream Limestone Jogja and Lava Stone Tile Indonesia please  contact us :

Mr. Fian
Bigga Stone - Feels Bali with Stone
PT. Bigga Damai Utama
Jalan Magelang KM 12
Sleman, DIY

Contact Us :
+62821 7300 7200 (Office Call & Whatsapp )
+62877 398 331 88 (Call & Whatsapp )
Email: Info@BiggaStone.com & 



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