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Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles (Black Lava Stone Indonesia, Lava Stone Wall)

Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles (Black Lava Stone Indonesia, Lava Stone Wall)

Black Lava Stone Indonesia
   ( Origin from Mount Merapi )

Black Lava Stone Tiles
Source : Space at Bali Villas
Black Lava Stone Tiles is elegance and Strong stone that comes from the  lava that solidifies on the way out to the surface of the earth (Volcano). Black Lava Stone Tiles are formed from still-active volcanoes in the Java islands of Indonesia. The heat processing from volcanoes create the stone that can withstand all types of weathers. Furthermore, this stone has highly resistance from all condition likes dry, wet, snow and etc
Smoth Finishing (Left), Rough Finishing (Right) on wet condition (Lava Stone Tiles)
Lava Stone formed from primitive flows of cooled magma, Lavastone has multiple tiny air holes create its instantly to know this stone, Lava Stone has natural cooling ability and excellent slip resistance, making it perfectly suited to pool deck paving, wet walkways and surfaces where bare feet abound.

 Lava Stone Tiles on Dry Condition
Our lava stone is original from indonesia Volcanoes. Lava Stone Indonesia has multiple very little air holes made the holes can not seem. Our Lava Stone is high quality Lava Stone because we choose high quality supplier for our stone (Uniform Black Stone) and through high detail process (Tolerance +- 1mm) . We can produce Size: 200 x 200, 200x 400, 300x300, 300x600, 400x400, thickness 20 mm to 40 mm. We also can produce Bullnose Finishing Lava Stone for your Elegant Swimming Pool. For custom size please contact Us.
Bullnose Finishing for Lava Stone Tiles on wet condition
Black Lava Stone Tiles can using for outdoors and indoors location. In outdoors location, they can be used for floor, wall, Pool deck, decking, water fixtures, garden walling and etc. In Indoors location can be used for wall, tiles and etc. Lava stone Tiles is naturally polished, giving it a dramatic effect when it is used in indoor areas as well such as in counter tops, fireplaces, wall claddings and balustrades.
Application Lava Stone on Wall

It's the only volcanic material can modified by hand finishes in the capable market. We can finishing Lava Stone Wall with honed finishing,  bullnose, swan cut finishing and rough face. We give our clients a unique, high quality alternative offer.

Recommended Uses:
Pavers, veneer, quoins, coping/caps, curbs, sills/lintels, drain grates, columns, slabs, cobblestones
Black Lava Stone Pool Deck
Source : COMO Shambhala Estate
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