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Review : Villa Sungai, Bali (Green Sukabumi Tiles and Black Lava Stone)

Review : Villa Sungai, Bali (Green Sukabumi Tiles and Black Lava Stone)

Villa Sungai Bali has Awesome Style from another Hotel. This Villa Sungai Bali located near beach and forest. We can Feel beach from the Infinity Swimming Pool in this Bali Villa Sungai. This Bali Villa Sungai has give many excellent Service and Facilities. We will get Free Wifi Access, Laundry Service and Infinity Outdoor Swimming Pool. From this Facilities, we will more satisfy when stay in This Bali Villa Sungai.
Green sukabumi Tiles for Pool 
Source : Instagram/balichronicles
Bali Villa Sungai also make the Swimming Pool with elegant Natural Stone Tiles. With This Natural Stone Tiles, we can Feel Nature Bali Island and very comfortable swimming in this rare Natural Stone. The Rare Natural Stone is Green Sukabumi Tiles. Green Sukabumi Tiles is one best Swimming Pool tiles and Pool wall because can give many benefit for Swimming Pool.
 Feel Natrual from this Green sukabumi Tiles Pool
Source : Instagram/blondetrotteuse
We can found This Green Sukabumi Tiles from Indonesia Country. Green Sukabumi Tiles can make the Swimming Pool more comfortable from other Natural Stone. Green Sukabumi Tiles can make the Pool more Clean because this Green Sukbumi Tiles has Zeolite Material. This Zeolite Material will kill some microorganism from the water. The Green Sukabumi Tiles also can make the Swimming Pool more endurance from other Natural Stone.
Another Green sukabumi Tiles Swimming Pool 
Source : Instagram/kategibbs
Next, Green Sukabumi Tiles also make the Pool has Stable Temperature. Green Sukabumi Tiles can absorb hot temperature from the Swimming Pool. It's make in high temperature, the swimming Pool will not very hot or not comfort. The Stable Temperature make the Swimming Pool is very comfortable for swimming. Green Sukabumi Tiles also has anti slip material. It's make the Swimming is very safe for kids or parent.
Infinity Green sukabumi Tiles for Pool
Source : Instagram/mazzyps
Next, Apply Black Lava Stone for the Walling. Black Lava Stone Indonesia has apply for bath Walling in Bali Villa Sungai. Black Lava Stone Indonesia can make the wall has elegant Black Appearance. In this Hotel apply black Coating to get perfect Black Lava Stone Indonesia. With this Natural Black Lava Stone Indonesia, The wall will look very natural and elegant. It's also can survive for long time.
Black Lava Stone Tiles for Wall and Floor 
Source : Instagram/marcbaechtold
That's all review about the Bali Villa Sungai. For Another review article, Please check our Website. More Detail about Natural Stone Indonesia, Please contact Us. we will ready answer all of your Question as soon as possible.


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